5 Miles Per Day

For the past three days, I have managed to walk, at least, 5 miles, per day.

I have been walking 2 to 3 miles in my neighborhood – and then walking another 2 to 3 miles on the treadmill.

I like walking, it’s easy, and by changing speeds / incline, I can burn calories without worrying about injuring myself running.

I want to get back to running, but I need to lose more weight, first.  For now, I’m focusing on walking, stretching, and sticking to a routine.

I have yet to deviate from my eating plan.  Again, I’m focusing on lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  I am also drinking plenty of water.

My goal is to lose 80 pounds.

As of this morning, I am down 6.2 pounds.

Today’s score:  With 1 being “I just ate a mountain of potato chips, chocolate, and sadness” and 10 being “I totally stuck to my plan, mad crushed it, and am awesome” – I give myself a solid 9.  I probably could have skipped the salted cashews, but I needed a bit of flavor.  Other than that, I rocked.

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