100 By 10-10-10 Day 3

What a difference a day makes.

My wife and the kids went back to school and I was at back at work today.  Man, it’s amazing how weak I can be when I don’t have my wife encouraging me to cook and eat healthy foods.

I don’t guess that I did all that bad, but I did eat a candy bar and some potato ships.  Why?  Well, they were just “in the house” – and I was just too lazy to go to the store and buy something better to eat.  Ridiculous.

I did manage to get in some exercise, but according to my new GoWear Fit armband, I still managed to eat more calories than I have burned.  It’s 8:35 PM, right now, and what I REALLY need to do is get up off of my behind and go for a quick 2 mile walk.  In fact, that’s EXACTLY what I am GOING to do.

My man MBH from over at Deflabbify and I have agreed to hold each other accountable.  Check out his site, tell him NCN sent you, and give him some encouragement.

Now, where DID I put those running shoes?  Oh, there they are.  Let’s go!

1 thought on “100 By 10-10-10 Day 3

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