Planning The New Garden

As I mentioned over at my other site – No Credit Needed – I am planning to build a raised bed garden this spring.  One of my goals with the new garden is to grow my own fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is relatively easy to save money at the grocery store by using coupons and a grocery store price-book to track prices – but it’s still relatively expensive to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

This year I plan to plant cucumbers, zucchinis, cantaloupes, watermelons, green beans, snap peas, peppers, and (possibly) potatoes.  We rarely eat tomatoes and corn doesn’t provide a very good space-required-return, so I won’t be growing them.

We live in the south, so I might try my hand at planting some peanuts, but we shall see.

I recently built a compost bin for vegetable scraps and yard waste – and I’m going to try to make the garden as organic as is possible.  Good soil amendments are the foundation for a great garden.

Back, Back, Back, Back, Back, Gone

It’s been a VERY rough past three weeks.  I injured my back.  How?  I’m not sure.  All I know is, I’ve had trouble walking, raising my hands above my head, and bending over.  It’s been pretty awful.

I finally went to the doctor last Friday.  She gave me three different medications, and I spent ALL of this past week, on my back, out of my mind, resting.  Thankfully, as of yesterday, I’m starting to feel better.  Most of the pain is gone, I can reach above my head, and it doesn’t hurt to bend.

Provided I feel good in the morning, I’ll be back to my walking / eating routine.  I’ve lost about 5 pounds, and I was really getting into the “groove” until the old back started to hurt.  Hopefully, I’ll hit my stride, so to speak, and more weight will come off.  Sorry for the lack of posts, but between family, work, and the terrible pain, I just didn’t feel like blogging.

So, here’s to a pain-free, walk-filled, healthy-eating, week.  Rock on!