General Information:

My online name is NCN.

You can follow me on Twitter here – twitter.com/NCN

NCN stands for No Credit Needed – and No. Calories Needed.

No Credit Needed was my first site, and chronicles the story my debt reduction.

No. Calories Needed (Number of Calories Needed) chronicles the story of my weight loss.

I am in my mid-30’s, married, with 3 children.


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If you wish to contact me, you can! Simply click the contact link.  Please note, this link will take you to my main site, No Credit Needed, where you can send me a message.


When do I post?

I have a full-time job (which I love, by the way) so I do most of my posting at night or on Saturdays. If I have meetings scheduled at night, I will squeeze some time in during the day.

Do my friends/family know about my blog?

YES! Many of them know about it but I’m not sure how many of them read it. Also, a few of my blogging friends know my “real” name. But, I like NCN, because it rocks!

Am I a personal finance professional?

NO! NO! NO! I do NOT give advice. I just like to talk about what I am doing and I like to encourage others to find their own success.

Am I a weight loss / fitness / dieting professional?  Are you kidding?

No!  I know very, very, very little about losing weight – that’s why I started No. Calories Needed.

How long do I plan on blogging?

I really, really enjoy writing. So, I’ll keep writing as long as folks keep reading!

Do I have any weight loss / fitness blogs that I like to read?

YES! See that list on the right-hand side of this page? THOSE are the blogs that I read on a (very) regular basis. You should check them out!

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