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How To Subscribe via RSS Feed –

If you prefer to subscribe via RSS Feed, simply add the feed address – – to your favorite feed reader.


If you are new to the world of blogs, feed readers, and subscribing, you might have a few questions.  Let me answer a few of them.

What is a blog? A blog is simply a website that is updated regularly with fresh content.  Articles, or posts, are published in reverse chronological order.  Many blogs, like mine, are owned and operated by a single individual and feature posts, commentary, comments, categories, and archives.

What is an RSS Feed? The RSS Feed (usually referred to as the feed) from a site allows you to subscribe to a site’s content and have that content delivered directly to an RSS Feed Reader of your choice.  Popular browsers, like Internet Explorer and Firefox have built in feed readers.  Alternatively, there are many free feed readers that organize your feeds (much like email).  Two of the more popular are Bloglines and the Google Reader.

Where can I find a sites RSS Feed? If you look in the address bar of your browser and see an orange square (you should see one right now, in your address bar), then the site you are visiting offers an RSS Feed.  Simply click that orange square and you’ll be taken to the site’s raw feed.  Most blogs, like mine, also have dedicated subscribe here buttons or pages.

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