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I (Hated) Love To Play Golf!

I have been EXTREMELY busy with “real life”. I cannot remember the last time that I took a day “off”. My job is pretty cool, allowing me a lot of schedule flexibility, but I have had “something” to do every day for the past 2 months. So, yesterday, I took some “me time” and went to play golf with a couple of my good friends. Now, there was a time when I was able to play golf once or twice a week. But, those days are LONG gone. First, golf is expensive and I am trying to save money. (Want to know how much I’m trying to save?) Second, I have two kids, a wife, 5 web sites, a ‘real’ job, and many, many other responsibilities. But, my buddies called me up, wanted to play golf, so we went. Mind you, I have not been to a golf course in about 4 months! So, I assumed I would stink. Guess what? I rocked! We played 36 holes, I shot a 76 and an 80. Not bad for a dude who hasn’t played since November. Plus, I felt HEALTHY. I wasn’t obsessed about my “gut”. My shorts and shirt fit well, and I was able to just step up to the ball and SWING!!! Days like yesterday provide motivation for making healthy choices!

Grading my game:

Driving B+

Chipping (yesterday) B

Putting B-

Short Irons B+

Long Irons A-

Sand Shots (yesterday) C

Attitude A+