Goals, Weigh In

Up, Up and Away…

My weight went UP!  (Kinda, sorta…)  Remember, I just purchased a new set of scales.  So, my weight is now 234.5, according to my new scales.  (I should have kept the old scales so that I could compare, but, really, no matter what the scale reads, I will continue to follow my current course.)  I have a NEW eating ‘system’ in place.  Here goes:

Every month, I will prepare a day’s worth of food, so that I will have readily prepared food throughout the day.  I have been preparing every meal “fresh”, but, when I get lazy, I forgo preparing my own meals and go “out” to eat.  No more!  I shall prepare my meals in the mornings, reheat them throughout the day, and I will NOT eat a single meal “out” during the month of April.

(Honestly, the Easter Bunny treats probably didn’t help things… :))