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Losing Weight Is NOT Like Getting Out Of Debt!

I want to thank all of you who took the time to comment on my last few posts. I must admit, I took a week “off”, ate pretty much what I wanted to eat, and now I’m ready to “hit it again.”

In the past, I’ve compared losing weight to getting out of debt. Boy, I cannot tell you how WRONG I was. See, I’ve always used the fact that you lose a few pounds, get excited, and then lose a few more pounds, get excited, lose a few pounds, get excited… to prove how powerful the debt snowball is, where you pay a little debt, get excited, pay a little debt, get excited, etc. But, this example has one flaw. Whenever I send in a payment of $50, my debt is reduced by $50 (plus interest), every, single time. I can predict, with absolute accuracy, the effect of payments, the effect of interest, the effect of pay dates… everything associated with debt reduction can be accurately calculated. In other words 2+2=4. This does not “work” with weight loss. Eat 2000 calories and you might lose 2 pounds. Eat 2000 calories and you might gain 2 pounds. Why? Because,weight loss is not just food in, food out. Nope, you have to worry about carbohydrates, fats, proteins, sodium, caffeine. In other words, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of variables. I hate it. I absolutely hate the fact that someone who is my age, my height, can eat the exact same things I eat and weight 50 pounds more or 50 pounds less than I do.

(As for the diets suggested in the comments… I’ve tried, literally, every single one of them. I’m NOT ungrateful for the comments or the suggestions! In fact, I super thankful for all of the support. But, I’ve been on a diet (in one form or another) for the past 10 years! I’ve tried them ALL! So, for now, it’s counting calories, getting some exercise, getting rid of stress, getting plenty of sleep, etc. Basic, basic, basic.)