Back To The Beginning

I have been here before, so I’ll skip all of the “what’s been going on since the last time I posted” stuff.  Instead, straight to the details -

Last year, I managed to lose a total of 15 pounds, which was awesome.  This year, I plan to be more focused and lose even more.

Tomorrow, which is actually today, because I’m typing on Sunday, but publishing on Monday, I will re-join our local gym.  I really have missed the gym, but the budget really hasn’t allowed for much wiggle-room the past two years.  This year, I’ve made a goal of tightening my belt, literally and figuratively.

I like going to the gym…

Well, I like BEING at the gym.  Going, not so much.  But, once I’m there, I’m there!

So, my plan is to swim a few laps, hit the old treader, and really stretch.

It’s cool to be back to blogging.  For a variety of reasons, I’ve been away, but now I’m back.  You rock!

Down 24.8 Pounds and Feeling Great

As of today, I have lost 24.8 pounds.  You can read, oh, the last 10 posts, for more details on my goals, diet, and progress.

Today, I want to write a bit about how my weight loss has already changed my life.  (I can’t wait to see how much better I’ll feel when I lose another 20, 30, or 50 pounds!)

I sleep better.

I enjoy spending time outside, playing in the yard, with kids.

I find myself looking for opportunities to go outside, for a walk, or a bike ride, or just to work in the yards.

I am down a full pants-size, and am this-close to a being down a shirt-size.

I have more energy.

Life is better.

Cool.  Be blessed.