Welcome To No. Calories Needed

I want to welcome you to No. Calories Needed, my brand-new weight loss blog. I’ve been blogging for some time now and I have three other sites. (The first site I created was my main blog over at No Credit Needed. It is a personal finance blog where I track my debt reduction progress, my spending, and my personal finance goals. The name for No. Calories Needed is a play on my original blog’s name. For No. Calories Needed, the “No.” is short for “Number”.) I also have a podcast and a personal finance “network” of other blogs. You can find all of the links to these sites in the left-hand column of this page.

I began No. Calories Needed so that I can track my weight loss and fitness goals. I love to set goals, and I love to acheive them. I have been relatively successful at acheiveing personal finance goals, and I want to see if I can acheive some personal fitness and health goals. I’ll share my experiences with you. Welcome to my new site!

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  1. Congratulations! Making a commitment to life-long health is just as important as committing to financial health! I’ll be on the No Credit Needed Network, as soon as I get a full-time gig!

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