Breakfast Options

I’ve only recently begun to eat breakfast. Most overweight people skip breakfast, start to starve around noon, and then eat a huge, unhealthy lunch. To avoid this “fast and crash” pattern, I now eat a healthy, filling breakfast. I usually rotate between the following three options:

Oatmeal and Strawberries with a glass of Water.

Wheat Toast and Grapes with a glass of Water.

Whole Grain Cereal/2% Milk and Banana with glass of Water.

I then eat a piece of whole wheat bread with a slice of turkey and a little mustard as a snack around 10AM.

My daughter was sick Monday, and I was finally able to get to the grocery store Tuesday. I’m stocked up with healthy foods and ready to see the scale MOVE! I’m headed to the gym at 11AM.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Options

  1. I’ve started eating breakfast lately too–I take a handful of almonds or pecans and feel totally full until lunch with that, which I never did with cereal or toast. (And when I say handful, I mean I weigh out 36 oz. on my kitchen scale. 😉 It’s nice!

  2. I have lost almost 40 lbs within the last year. Three keys to doing so 1) Eating breakfast everyday, oatmeal and yogurt 2) Avoiding fast food at all costs 3) Avoiding red meat – this was the hardest and I really do not miss it much.

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