After Three Months

I began my new way of eating December 29, 2006. After years of struggling with my weight and with “diets”, I decided to simply stop “dieting” and starting “eating well”. I have lost a total of 17 pounds, but I have been struggling to lose more weight for the past month and a half. I must confess, I have eaten a bit more than I should and I have exercised a bit less than I should. I will refocus and move forward! I started at 247 pounds and now I weigh 230. Since starting this blog I have joined a local gym.

Three things I have done well since starting this site:

I have posted regularly.

I have exercised regularly.

I have radically changed my eating habits.

Three things with which I still struggle:

I drink too many diet sodas.

I eat too late at night.

I still eat whenever I get “stressed”.

Seventeen pounds rocks! Thank you all for subscribing, commenting, and supporting. Onward and… downward!

(Thanks to Karen’s comment, I corrected my start date.  Thanks, Karen!)

2 thoughts on “After Three Months

  1. Surely you mean December 29, 2006? Cuz if you have lost 17 pounds and haven’t even started yet, that REALLY rocks! 😉

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