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No. Calories Needed Challenge – The First Weigh In

The numbers are in – and it’s time to get serious.

NCN – 250 Pounds

Big Honkin – 360 Pounds

Next weigh in?  Tuesday Morning.

It took Big Honkin a few days to weigh in – He’s using the scales at his local gym.  But, now it’s time to get serious.  I’ve gone w/out caffeine for 4 days, and I’m pumped about losing weight.

Good luck, Big Honkin – You are definitely going to need it!

3 thoughts on “No. Calories Needed Challenge – The First Weigh In

  1. NCN,

    I posted this a Get Fit Slowly as well. Maybe you could hire a personal trainer? That way you will absolutely go exercise because you are paying for it. Whatever you need to do to make it happen. Also, yesterday in the WSJ there was an economist who said that if you make a bet that you will lose weight, and the financial hit will be big enough if you don’t, you will probably lose the weight.

    Don’t think you need to make a bet to lose weight? Then make the bet. You aren’t going to lose the money.

    Maybe the two of you could up the stakes if you are serious?

  2. Soda free life suggestion – I think, outside of the caffine, we tend to drink more pop from convenience. In order to help curb you – don’t think NO MORE, but to limit your pop intake, try Green Tea. Possibly even the Diet Lipton’s in single serve bottles or make your own. Add Honey (natural) to it for sweetner. When you feel like pop, grab the tea. There will be huge weight loss help from this, even if you only replace 1 pop a day.

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