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One Mile Down, A Million More To Go

Here’s the deal.

My sister has decided to become a ‘runner’.  Yes, she has decided that she actually ENJOYS RUNNING.

In fact, Saturday, she ran in her first 5K and she “Loved it!  It was so much fun!”

So, unless I want to be the biggest slacker in my whole family, I need to start running, too.

I marked off an area around where we live, and I now have a mile-long ‘track’ that I can run.

I got off my lazy behind this morning and I ‘walk-ran’ a mile.

Did I have fun? Ummmmm..

Kinda, sorta?  I almost died, but now I feel great!

So, thank you little sister, for inspiring me and pushing me forward.

Now, if I could just adopt your bird-like eating habits, all would be well.

5 thoughts on “One Mile Down, A Million More To Go

  1. I found this blog form your other…thanks so much for sharing your insight on both blogs. Check out They have a couch to 5k program that takes 9 weeks. I was not a runner before I started the program and now I love running. I did my first 5K in Sept and LOVED it! Good luck running!

  2. Hi NCN… hope you don’t mind me sharing this with the readers at SmarterFitter. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and have always enjoyed your posts. I’m going for a walk-run tomorrow… my umpteenth attempt to restart my running programming. So thanks for sharing a bit of that sisterly inspiration with the rest of us. It really helps! =)

  3. Id love to be a runner in that it can be done anywhere and any time.

    I love the concept of tossing my shoes in a suitcase when I travel for work and thinking “Ill run in the morning and explore the city!”

    that said, I still remain:

    Runs If Chased.

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