Golden Rules

Episode 3 Of Paul McKenna’s I Can Make You Thin Is About To Air

I will be watching Episode 3 of I Can Make You Thin in about five minutes.  Today was a very emotional day for me – in a good way.  I’ve had so much success, but today, I ate too quickly.  I’m really, really excited about our new baby, who is due to be born any day now.  Instead of sitting down at the table, I ate a meal in front of the television.  Big mistake!  I was testing the system, to see if it really mattered, and it does.  I ate and ate, and never really ‘felt full’.  Never, ever again.

My total weight loss is 10 pounds.  I’m very excited about watching the third episode.  It’s about controlling cravings with a negative association technique.  Sounds strange.  After the episode, I’ll be back with a recap.

By the way, if you are hungry, right now, drink a big glass of water!  Go, do it!  It really does help.