Weight Watchers Day 4 – AM

Today’s Progress

Time of day – 3:25 PM

Total points allowed per day – 30

Total points used today – 18

Total points left for today – 12

Total flex points allowed per week – 35

Total flex points used this week –15

Total to lose in 2010 – 47.2 pounds

Total lost so far – 0 pounds

Weight Watchers has a formula for assigning points for specific foods.  I am allowed 30 points per day, and 35 flex points, to be used throughout the week, at my discretion.  I’ve run the numbers and the calories I’m consuming seem to be in-line with recommendations for several sources.

Yesterday, my son started pitching-machine baseball, and I’m his coach.  I got plenty of exercise, running the based, chasing kids, and playing catch.

2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Day 4 – AM

  1. Do you have anything that records calorie burn? That’d be good to have if you are doing things like coaching…it would give you a clear idea of what you are burning in contrast to what you are putting in.

    Way to go out there and coach – I love baseball.

  2. Soccer season is starting here, so I squeezed in a nice 10km row last night and then ran off to two hours of soccer with the boys. Always a nice bit of exercise as long as it doesn’t derail my “real” workouts.

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