Days 2 And 3 Report

Sunday was a great day.  I once again made it through the whole day without any soda – or caffeine.  My gym was closed, so I once again did my workout at home.  We have a treadmill, so I go in about a 30 minute walk / run.  As for eating, I did really well.  We did go out for supper, to celebrate a birthday with my friends, but at sensibly, had water instead of tea, and did just fine.

Monday was a little more difficult, mainly due to my schedule.  I was busy all day – in the car, at the office, back in the car, back to the office – so it was hard to eat on a decent schedule.  Out of habit, I grabbed a diet soda, drank about two swallows, and then realized what I was doing.  (It’s funny how, after just a few days, the stuff really doesn’t taste that great.)

It’s now Tuesday, and so far I’m having a great day.  I tried something a bit different – I had a larger-than-normal breakfast.  I still ate only clean, healthy foods, but I ate a couple hundred calories more at breakfast than I usually do.  My hope is, the added fuel will get me from breakfast to lunch, without that usual “I’m starving” moment around 11 am.  We shall see.

I hope your 2011 has started well and that you have a blessed and successful day.  Rock on!