Days 4 Through 7 Report

I’ve been away from my main computer for the past two days, so no opportunity to write.

Tuesday and Wednesday were great.  I managed to stick to my eating-plan and avoided caffeine and sodas.

I managed to walk 2 miles, each day.  I have a young son and we spent much of Tuesday diagramming and running football “plays” in the backyard.  (Basically, I run out and he throws it as far as he can and then cheers when I catch it – or laughs when I don’t.)

Thursday was a bit of a struggle.  For some reason, I just never really got into gear.  Today, Friday, has been pretty good.  Like I said, I’ve been very, very, very busy, so it’s been hard to focus on weight loss.  There are times when work takes precedence, and these past two days, it has.  For the most part, I ate pretty healthy meals, but I did grab a bag of chips as a quick snack, on Thursday.

So far, the first 7 days have gone pretty darn well, considering I’ve stopped drinking liters of diet soda.  I’ve managed to eat lots of healthy, real food – and I’ve gotten some good exercise, each and every day.

As for the weigh in, I’m going to do that Monday morning.  Right now, I just want to focus on doing the right things – and I don’t want to get overly discouraged / encouraged by daily weigh ins.

1 thought on “Days 4 Through 7 Report

  1. Hello from Australia. I just stumbled on your blog and I just wanted to leave a word of encouragement. I’m also starting a new routine of eating healthy and attempting to exercise in an effort to lose about 30kg (66 pounds). I hope that you keep writing I’d love to keep reading! You seem like a lovely lady, very determined and quite focused right now. I hope that you keep it up, and that 2011 will be a successful year for you.


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