A Brand New Day

Happy New Year!

Here’s the new-and-improved plan for 2012.

1.  There will be DAILY posts, here at No. Calories Needed.

2.  I will lose 50+ pounds.

3.  I will eat consciously – enjoying foods that I like – and foods that are, you know, real foods.

This year’s motto – no gimmicks, no excuses.

Getting in better shape is goal # 1.  To that end –

1.  I will (continue to) walk 20 to 60 minutes per day.

2.  I will get back into my running routine.  I missed running this past year (and, really, stopped most of my health-related blogging, because of a terrible combination of lower-back pain – and kidney stones.  I will not bore you, but most of my lack of enthusiasm for the whole “weight loss” thing came as a result of those kidney stones.  It took some time to figure out what was causing them, and I am prayerfully-optimistic that they are gone, for good.)

3.  I will workout – 3 to 5 times weekly – with a focus on strength and flexibility.

I am not exactly sure how I will document my weight loss.  I can’t decide if I’ll start with the numbers from January 2011 (a very hit-or-miss year, both blogging and weight loss wise) or if I’ll just start from January 1, 2012.  Let me think, for just a second… Yes, I will start with numbers from January 1, 2012 – and pretend that last year (blogging and weight loss wise, mind you) never happened.  Here’s to a brand new day!

First weigh in report will be next Monday.  Gulp.

No. Calories Needed is an independently-operated, single-author, personal fitness blog.  Rock on.

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  1. Excellent plan- and your determination is inspiring. I have no doubt that you will achieve what you’ve stated. Rock on!

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