2013, Weigh Ins

I Have Lost 18.2 Pounds

As of this morning, I am down a total of 18.2 pounds.

My goal – set on December 23, 2012 – is to lose a total of 80 pounds.

I have 61.9 pounds to go.

I hit a stall for a couple of weeks, but I kept eating the right foods and exercising – and this morning the scale moved.  (The scale actually hit 20 pounds lost a few days ago, but that was after being sick and that it was simply reflecting fluid loss.  I like to have a consistent weight loss, for a couple of days, before making it “official”.)

Today, I’m going to walk / run a total of 5 miles.  The weather is going to be super-awesome for the next several days, and it will be great to get outside and move.

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