Down 13.6 Pounds

I weighed in this morning and was pleased to see that I am down a total of 13.6 pounds.

I have 66.4 pounds to lose to meet my goal of 80 pounds.

I went for two 2-mile walks today – one before work and one before supper.  The morning walk was at a slightly faster pace.

Over at No Credit Needed I recently wrote about how my wife and I save money when eating out – and I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of our favorite local places to eat sells an awesome grilled chicken breast and side salad – for less than $5.  I had that for lunch today.

I notice that I am sleeping better – this is probably a combination of less weight and more exercise.  I do find it difficult to fall asleep – especially if I exercise in the evening – but once I am asleep, I sleep well.


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