Weigh Ins

Down 14.6 Pounds

I weighed in today and I am now down a total of 14.6 pounds.

My goal is to lose a total of 80 pounds.

I have 65.4 pounds to go.

When I started over with a renewed focus on December 23rd, I created a plan revolving around eating real food and walking.

So far, I’m averaging between 4 and 6 miles of walking, per day.  I am eating lean meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts.  Last week, I probably ate a little too much – but I stuck to my eating plan.  (Since December 24rd, the only off-plan food was four small bites of pizza, eaten at a gathering where choices were very limited, and one small bowl of ice cream.  Other than that, I’ve stuck to the plan.)

Have a blessed day.  Rock on.

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