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Why I Weigh Myself Everyday

In various diet books I read that I should only weigh myself once a week.  That would NEVER work for me.  Why?  I know myself too well.  If I only weighed myself once a week, say on a Tuesday, I’d simply starve myself all day Monday, weigh in on Tuesday, and then overeat on Wednesday.  I weigh myself everyday so that I’m not tempted to gimmick the system.  I’m trying NOT to focus on the numbers and I know that if I weighed in only once a week, that’s all I would be thinking about during the week.  My only real options, because of the way my silly mind works, are to weigh everyday, or not weigh at all.

2 thoughts on “Why I Weigh Myself Everyday

  1. ok, if it works for you and helps to keep you honest. I might get frustrated by not seeing changes from day to day.

    I’ve been doing the opposite of you. I haven’t weighed myself since early January, when I started to upgrade my eating style. I have no idea if I’ve lost an ounce. I’ve just been focusing on eliminating the bad habits (like snacking after dinner) and trying to come up with strategies for dealing with difficult situations. Maybe in a month or two I will peek, but right now I want the focus to be on the changes, not the weight.

  2. If you weight yourself every day, a goo didea is to only record the average of all the weights you were for the seven days. That will give you a more accurate picture of what your body is doing, what with the daily fluctuations we all have with water, etc. That’s advice I’ve gotten anyway about this and it seems to make sense. I don’t weight every day though – twice a week is enough for me. 🙂

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