New Family Routine Tomorrow

My wife (who is awesome, supportive, beautiful, cool, and wonderful) and I have decided that our family needs a new morning routine.  My family includes me, my wife, and my two kids, a daughter 7 and a son 3.  My daughter is a gymnast.  She goes to gymnastics class three times a week, and is awesome shape.  My little boy is thin for his age.  Because of their good health and small sizes, we’ve been a little relaxed in our attitude towards what we’ve been feeding them.  Now, we’re going to really focus on fixing nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  Also, our entire family will be doing some basic “wake-up” exercises.  My wife is an educator and she’s also losing weight.  She’s down 10 pounds since December!  She’s awesome, and she looks great.  We want our children to eat healthy foods.  So, tomorrow at 5:00AM, our families’ routine changes for the better.