My Body Is Freaking Out

I’m sore.  I’m tired.  I’ve not lost a pound in the last week.  I WOULD be frustrated, except for the fact that I KNOW that I’m doing the right things for my body, my health, and my future.  Losing 16 pounds is a BIG deal (even if some of it is water weight) and my body is “scared to death”.  I will not stop.  I will move forward.  I WILL BE a healthy person with a healthy body and a healthy future.  Today was one of those “breakthrough” days for me.  I got out of bed, saw my wife and the kids off to school, went to work for a bit and got some things organized, and then headed to the gym.  My body was SCREAMING, “NO! NO! NO!”.  I refused to listen to the negative, and I focused on the future.  And, I had my best workout so far.  Heck, I hit the elliptical for THIRTY minutes.  Thanks for the comments and the support!

5 thoughts on “My Body Is Freaking Out

  1. Be sure to stretch, stretch, stretch before AND after. You will be totally bummed if you injure yourself and have to back off the exercise.

    Don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat, so you may want to measure your waist each week, in addition to using the scale to see what the difference is.

  2. It will start to come off again. I lost 60lbs over the last two years, and there were stretches of about 8 weeks at a time where I wouldn’t lose a thing, and then woosh, it would all start up again. It’s in fits and spurts, and its still progress!

  3. 30 mins on the elliptical is good. I usually do 10 before I work out (to loosen up and get the muscles warm), then I’ll do at least 10 after-if I feel good 20. Beth B. is right though. You should alway do a little warm up, stretch(not before warming up), then do your main workout. Think of muscles as taffy; when taffy is cold, it’s hard to bend, much less stretch. After it’s been warmed, though, you can do most anything with it. Muscles are the same. I would suggest to make sure you’re stretching good, but not before doing a little warm-up excercise. See ya later man.

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