Breakfast: Should I Be Eating Eggs?

I like scrambled eggs.  I just ate 2 for breakfast, scrambled.  According to, there are about 70 calories per large egg.  So, I’ve eaten about 140 calories today.  Here’s a graphic detailing the nutritional makeup of one large, scrambled egg:


I googled “egg healthy” and I have arrived at the following conclusion; There are about one million opinions about whether or not eggs are healthy.  I read two or three articles about the “evils of mass egg production”.  I read a bunch of articles about the benefits of egg protein.  I read about free range, organic, and industrial egg production.  So, like most things dealing with health and weight loss, I’m left with more questions than answers.

I like eggs.  I’ll continue to eat eggs.  This may or may not be a good decision.  Frankly, if eating eggs helps me to lose weight, I’ll rake the risk associated with raised cholesterol.  (I actually read two articles stating that eating eggs might LOWER cholesterol?!?)

Calories consumed so far today: 140

Calories left to be consumed today: 1460

Weight: 237

4 thoughts on “Breakfast: Should I Be Eating Eggs?

  1. Yes eat eggs. I had a huge comment typed up and it looks like it didn’t post. 90% (rough estimate from my uneducated self) of cholesterol comes from saturated fat and not from dietary cholesterol. Unless you are in the danger zone, eggs shouldn’t be a problem.

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