I Love Larry’s Giant Subs

I love eating at Larry’s Giant Subs.  I’m also a big fan of Subway Restaurants.  I like turkey sandwiches, with a little lettuce, banana peppers, spicy mustard, dill pickles, and a pinch of salt.  (Wow!  All of the ingredients that I like, except for the lettuce, are loaded with sodium.  Hmmm…)

I have just returned from the grocery store.  Before I went, I had lunch at Larry’s.  I prefer to eat lunch alone, sitting in the corner, eating and reading a book.  I read ten to twenty books a month, and I’ve “mastered” the eat-and-read combo.  Book on the left, drink on the right, food in the middle.  (Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that I am a complete dork. :))

Calories Today:

2 Eggs: 140

Sandwich: 550

Chips: 300

Brownie:  300

Total:  1290

Hmmm… yes, I see that I should not have eaten the brownie, the chips, or the white bread.  But, I’m trying to be honest with you guys (and myself).  I’m stressed, and I eat when I’m stressed.