Water, Under The Bridge

I remember when I was getting out of debt, I’d login to my old blogger account, update the No Credit Needed site, and I’d ALWAYS have some progress to report.  Those, my friend, were the “good old days”.  Now, I login to No. Calories Needed, and I think to myself, “Hmmm… I haven’t been eating healthy foods, I haven’t been counting calories… why in the world do I have a weight loss blog…”.  Clearly, after stalling for a month, I lost whatever motivation that I once I had.  Clearly, I have weight loss issues.  (If YOU had a blog about weight loss that MANY of your friends knew about, wouldn’t YOU be motivated to go ahead and lose the weight?  Yes, YOU would, because you are a sane, normal person.)  I suppose that I should be proud of the weight that I HAVE lost.  My body apparently loves the number 231, 235, 232, and 237.  Why?  Because, no matter how many calories I consume or how much exercise I get, the scale always reads one of those four numbers.

So, in a last-ditch effort to lose weight (and restore the legitimacy of this blog) I’ll just go back to a very, very basic diet.  I’ll ditch the diet soda, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and head back to the gym.  Surely, other people have broken through these types of ‘funks’ and lost weight?  We shall see…

By the way, I did NOT write this post so that you would leave a ‘You can do it, NCN’ comment.  I’d LOVE for you to leave a comment, but I’m not whining.  I’m actually not depressed about not losing weight.  I’m perplexed?  confused?  Does any of this make sense?  I just want to lose a little weight and feel better, and my mind seems to be working against me.  Hopefully, it’s just a matter of doing the right things, over and over, until the results start to come…

3 thoughts on “Water, Under The Bridge

  1. So NCN, what’s your motivation? Why are you trying to lose weight?

    I wonder if you have a clear goal in mind. Can you articulate it? Why are you bothering?

  2. Losing weight is a pretty complicated affair, especially since we weren’t supplied with an owner’s manual. The things that work for some folks don’t always work for others. I was fortunate in that when I finally decided to get serious about my weight loss last year, my head was in the right place and I made sure I didn’t futz around with the program (I do Weight Watchers).

    Definitely be happy for the weight you’ve already shed, and good luck with getting back in the game.

  3. This is a pretty basic question, but have you talked with your doctor about your weight loss goals?

    And, I know that this will not gel with your goals of frugality, but have you considered seeing a personal trainer?

    I ask these questions because it seems like you are having a hard time going this alone. You might have some pre-concieved notions about diet and exercise that are wrong for you. Both of the professionals I mentioned might be able to provide some concrete and very specific guidance to you.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do, and congratulations on the healthy choices you have already made for yourself!

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