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Playing Golf With NCN Jr.

I just returned from a round of golf. For the first time, my son, NCN Jr., went with me. He didn’t actually “play” golf with me, but he did ride in the cart, hand me tees and keep me company. He’s only 3, but he was very well behaved and we had a blast. It was probably the most enjoyable round of golf I’ve ever played. I shot a respectable 79. I did a little searching on the internet and I found out that a round of golf (with a cart) burns a little more than 1000 calories! Wow. I had no idea. Here’s a list of funny things NCN Jr. said during the round…

Daddy, why do you keep putting those white nails in the ground… (tees)

Daddy, when you hit a silly shot, you have to try, try again!

(Shouted) YAY! Daddy hit it in the water! Daddy hit it in the water! Yay, Daddy!

He’s a great kid, and I was blessed to be able to hang out with him. I can’t wait ’till he’s a little bigger and can “hit ’em” with me.