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Setting Up A Weight Loss Challenge

Two of my good friends and I have decided to compete against each other in a “Weight Loss Challenge”.  Grand prize?  A new putter for the guy who loses the highest percentage of weight.  Here are the details:

  1. The challenge began last Monday.  Since we all live in different cities, using the same scale would be impractical.  So, we are all using our “home” scales.
  2. After establishing initial weights, I created a spreadsheet using Google Documents.  I created columns for our names, starting weights, current weights, and percentage lost.  Here’s the spreadsheet with fake names and numbers.
  3. I’ll email the guys every Monday and they’ll send me their current numbers.  I then enter those numbers in the spreadsheet so that we have a current view of our progress.
  4. We started in July and we will have a “midway” winner declared in December.  He’ll receive a round of golf, paid for by the other competitors.
  5. Next July, challenge ends and a champion will be declared.  The other guys will come together and purchase a putter for the champion.  Maximum value will be $100.

So, there’s the setup.  Three big dudes who are trying to lose weight.  (I’m actually, weight-wise, the smallest of the dudes.)  So, why did we go with percentage lost instead of pounds lost?  To keep things as fair as possible.  If one of my friends reaches his goal weight, he’ll have lost over 120 pounds.  There’s no way that I could lose that much, considering I’m 31 pounds from my “initial goal weight” and 60 pounds from my “final goal weight”.

I’m excited about watching my friends lose weight and I hope to win the challenge.  But, I’m really not all that “competitive”.  I just want to see us all get healthy.  Seriously, if I lose 60 pounds and come in last place, I’m still a winner.

Was that the cheesiest line ever written by a man?  Yes, NCN, I do believe so.

Off to the gym I go!  Wish me luck.

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