A Great Weekend… Fast Food Stinks

My family and I were in Atlanta this weekend for my daughter’s gymnastics competition.  (She won all-around for her age and level!)  I did really well with my eating – I was ‘forced’ to eat fast food just once – and we had a great time.  I’ve found that I do best when I plan ‘several-meals-ahead’.  Over at No Credit Needed, I wrote a post about our preparations for the trip.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve only eaten fast food twice!  For me, this is major, major progress.  (Once at Wendy’s, Once at Subway)  I’ve started to cook more often and I’m eating much more fresh fruit.

On the downside, I’ve been without exercise for the past three days.  We’ve just been so busy, gone from the house.  But, it’s Monday and it’s time to get at it again!

3 thoughts on “A Great Weekend… Fast Food Stinks

  1. I have been reading No Credit Needed, listening to the NCN podcast- I’m in the middle of listening to the whole archive and now this website. They are all extremely helpful. I think I’m on the same page as you in finance and health. I have one question…what is a “grit”? I am from Massachusetts and the grit hear is spread on the roads in winter for tire traction.

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