Golden Rules

I Can Make You Thin – Golden Rule 3

Paul’s third rule is –

Eat Consciously!

Again, I’ll summarize a few of the points he makes –

People who overeat ‘think’ about food all the time, but, when it comes ‘time’ to eat, they ‘shovel food’ into their mouths –

Eat slowly, think about each and every food –

Chew the food and think about it –

Like when we ‘drive’ on the freeway, when we get ‘on an on-ramp’, we realize how fast we’ve been driving –

Eating consciously – slowly, no distractions, enjoying the food – allows us to actually feel ‘full’ when we are –

Eat at a quarter of the speed that you normal eat at –

My thoughts –

This makes a lot of sense.  Of course, the part of me that ‘loves’ the way I ‘feel’ when I overeat is SCREAMING at me – no, no, no, no, no…

But, eating slowly, putting the fork down, taking my time – being a human being about it – makes a ton of sense.

If you join his site, you can see a list of the ‘Golden Rules’ and I think there’s a forum, too.  Hmmm….