Golden Rules

I Can Make You Thin – Golden Rule 4

Here’s the final rule  –

When You’re Full, Stop Eating!

I’ll summarize a few of Paul’s thoughts –

The more you listen to the ‘full’ signal, the better you’ll feel –

We decide how much we want from what we see, not from how we feel –

Our stomach will tell us how much to eat –

My thoughts –

I’ve NEVER felt full, but maybe that’s because I’ve eaten too much, too fast, and never ‘listened’ to my stomach.

I’m excited about trying Paul’s rules.  Let’s rock!

1 thought on “I Can Make You Thin – Golden Rule 4

  1. Then as if God wants to play a joke on you – you discover you are never hungry. You wake up and realize your stomach hasn’t growled in 20 years. And yet, you are growing in pounds yearly. Your natural instinct is to cut back on food and junk. Until one day you are told by a dr. to track what you consume and the dr. tells you “you are starving yourself”. Then you try to figure out how you are gaining wait if you are starving yourself.

    In mass confusion, you are told to eat. No rules – just eat 3 meals, and 2 snacks.

    And like a miracle – weight starts falling off. The body is a miraculous machine.

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