The Much Needed Vacation

A few days ago, we arrived at the beach for a week of vacation.  I cannot tell you how much we needed to get away and chill.  As for my weight loss, I wish that I could report progress, but I haven’t been sticking to the 4 golden rules’  Why?  I really don’t know, but the words ‘self sabotage’ come to mind.

Maybe it’s my general lack of focus on personal stuff, but I really haven’t been thinking all that much about losing weight or exercising.  Instead, I’ve been busy with work stuff and family stuff.  But, as usual, when I neglect my health, my work also suffers.

This morning, I woke up and did some stretching.  We are about to head to the beach – and I hope to go for a long walk and burn a few calories.  The weather here is awesome, so that makes getting outside and moving fun.  Hopefully, this week away from ‘stuff’ will help me refocus and move forward.

1 thought on “The Much Needed Vacation

  1. True… to control calorie intake I alway make myself conscious of whatever I put into my mouth and whether the resulting calories is necessary for my activities.

    Thus, whenever I opt for high calorific food, I skip meals. For example, a 300 Kcal ice cream for lunch.

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