Golden Rules

Fully Back On Track

After a month of starts and stops, I’m fully back on track with following the 4 Golden Rules.  Having the baby was awesome, but it ‘through me off’ in terms of schedule and cooking and eating.  But, we’ve finally adjusted to baby girl’s sleeping and eating routine and I’m ready to rock and roll.

I had a great time last week.  I went on a weekend golf retreat with some buddies.  I didn’t play all that well (I shot 89, 85, 82.) but I had an awesome time.  Even though I haven’t spent a lot of time running, I still felt like I was in much better shape than the last time I went running.

Today, I had a sandwich and some chips for lunch.  I ate slowly and I paid attention to my food.  It feels good to be ‘fully committed’ again – and it feels even better to know that I’m moving forward.

By the way – I released a new episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast last night.  Check it out!