6 Days Without Soda And Life Is Good

I have managed to go 6 days without drinking any soda – and I feel great!  I must admit, the first 4 days were pretty rough.  I had a big-time headache that just would not go away.  Even when I took ibuprofen, I could still feel this ‘heaviness’ in what felt like the front of my brain.

But, yesterday, I spent some time with some good friends on the golf course.  We played 27 holes and I drank a lot of water and Gatorade.  I don’t know if it was the sunshine or the copious amount of fluids, but I felt my headache leave after the first 18 holes.  And, guess what?  I shot a 36 on the final 9! Yay!

Last night, right before I went to bed, I noticed that there was on can of Diet Mountain Dew in our refrigerator.  Just for kicks, I decided to take a small sip, before throwing it out, just to see if I still like the taste.  Guess what?  After only one week, I no longer really like the taste of the soda.  Isn’t that wild?

As a side note, my weight loss has come to a standstill – but I’m not worried.  I’m in the process of making several changes in my life, including changes in how I eat, and I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years.  So, instead of obsessing about weight loss, I’m going to focus on making better choices.

5 thoughts on “6 Days Without Soda And Life Is Good

  1. Sounds like you’re over the worst, as far as withdrawal symptoms go. Good for you! Don’t ever go back!

  2. Congratulations! And isn’t it funny how something you thought you couldn’t live without has no appeal anymore?

    I would suggest you read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by award-winning science writer Gary Taubes. This book explodes a lot of the myths around weight reduction, heart disease and general health. I feel like a nut since I keep mentioning it, but this well-written, engaging book blew my mind (along with my misconceptions about nutrition).

  3. Hey Mommy,
    Thanks! As always, you are awesome. Be safe on the way home.

    PS… That last little rectangular form marked ‘url’ is for your website, if you have one. Hehehe…

  4. I had similar symptoms when I stopped drinking gallons of coffee. Noticed after a couple of weeks that I was sleeping better and feeling more awake during the day.

    Definitely a good plan to avoid obsessing about the number for weight – especially if you’re going to the gym.

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