Guide To Conscious Eating

As many of you may know, I recently lost 12 pounds in 10 days. Since that time, I’ve kept the weight off – but now I’m ready for more! Our family has adjusted to the new baby and my schedule has – finally – assumed some level of normalcy.

One of the four golden rules is to eat consciously. Here’s how –

Chew Your Food Slowly…Very Slowly –

Let’s face it, most of us just scarf down our food. Instead of eating like you’ll never eat again, slow down and slowly chew each and every mouthful. Feel the food and taste every molecule. You’ll be amazed how much more you enjoy (or dislike) certain foods.

Eat Foods That You Actually Like –

When you chew your food slowly, you realize quickly that certain foods taste better than you thought they did – and certain foods taste much worse. You’ll want to eat foods you like and avoid foods that you don’t. Personally, I don’t worry about calories or food types – I just fix small portions of foods that I like and I eat.

Eat Alone (If You Can) Or Be The Life Of The Party –

If you can, sit at the table and eat alone, focusing entirely on the food. If you can’t eat alone, enjoy the company that you are with and ‘ignore’ the food on your plate. Talk, laugh, catchup and then eat, slowly, once everyone else is almost finished. I like to hold the baby while my wife and the other kids eat. Then, once they are almost finished, I’ll give her the baby and then slowly eat what is on my plate.

Cut Food Into Small Bites –

Instead of cutting your four ounce steak into four ounce-sized bites, cut it into sixteen quarter-ounce bites. Then, chew each of these slowly, enjoying the steak. You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll fill your stomach – and how much food you’ll leave on your plate.

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3 thoughts on “Guide To Conscious Eating

  1. this really struck a chord with me as INITIALLY I thought “eat alone? how will THAT work and would I like it?”
    and then I read onward and realized I do it.
    we do it.
    I focus on getting our daughter fed and THEN eat after (or the reverse) so I can taste experience my food and not merely be shoveling in!


  2. I need to work on #1 as I have always tended to be a fast eater. I can eat more than I need to before I feel full – not good! I need to work on not only setting down the fork, but releasing it to just sit for a moment.

  3. Great post and great tips!

    One thing that has helped me to eat more slowly is make sure I always put my knife and fork down between bites. Paul made the recommendation and it really has worked for me. I also almost always drink water with meals and I take at least a small sip between bites or at least frequently.

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