Combining Walking And Practicing Golf

I’ve made it my goal to walk 45 minutes – every day – to ensure that I get enough cardio. While I enjoy walking, walking every single day, especially on the same treadmill or track can get very, very boring. So, I’ve decided to combine my walking with one of my favorite past times – playing golf.

Behind my house, there is a field, perfect for hitting golf balls. Here’s what I’ve started doing.

I get three golf balls and my sand wedge. From one end of the field, I hit all three balls. I then walk, quickly, to each ball. I continue to hit each ball, walking between each shot, until I reach the other side of the field. I repeat this process, moving back and forth, across the field, for about an hour. During the hour, I’m able to a) improve my golf game and b) get my walk in.

If you are struggling to enjoy your cardio – think about combining it with something else that you really like.

1 thought on “Combining Walking And Practicing Golf

  1. Sounds like fun… I already miss golf and I have only been out of commission for 1.5 weeks…

    I used to love the hilly 9 hole by my house… I felt like exercise when I finished, but during the round it was just flat out fun.

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