A Trip To The Dentist And Lots Of Walking

I went to the dentist Thursday.  I’m ashamed to admit, it had been quite awhile since I had been.  For years, I wasn’t covered by my wife’s dental plan, so I avoided going.  Plus, going to the dentist, in the past, kinda weirded me out.  But, my experience yesterday was amazing.

The hygienist who cleaned my teeth was very thorough – both in cleaning my teeth and explaining to me what she was doing.  As she was finishing up, she talked to me about the importance of flossing.  I’ve been flossing my teeth for year, but I’ve been doing it incorrectly.  See, I’ve simply been putting the floss through the gaps in my teeth and moving up and down.  But, to really get the full benefits of flossing, I need to put the floss through the gap and then curve the floss to the side and go ‘below’ the gum line.

My explanation is pitiful – so when you finish reading this post, go watch this video which explains how to properly floss your teeth.

Thankfully, my teeth were cavity free – but my gums were a little bit swollen.  The dentist suggested that two or three weeks of proper flossing should eliminate the swelling.

Also, I watched a video about the dangers of gum disease.  Do you know that proper gum health can add 10 years to your life?  Plus, people who maintain healthy teeth dramatically reduce their chances of getting heart disease and diabetes.  So, folks, get to brushing and flossing!

Quick update –

One of my goals has been to walk 45 minutes per day.  Today, I played golf and while I rode in a cart – because the course was so busy – I did manage to a decent amount of walking.  My weight loss has stagnated, but I feel so much better.  I haven’t had any soda or caffeine for 12 days, and I don’t miss either!

3 thoughts on “A Trip To The Dentist And Lots Of Walking

  1. I’d say you had a very successful day – clean teeth (with no cavities -always a desired thing), walking, feeling better, and no soda or caffeine for almost 2 weeks! That’s awesome!

  2. With my ankle I am going to miss golf most…

    hit ’em straight…

    keep up the exercise and stay on point food wise… the weight loss will continue again.

  3. woo hoo!
    this caffeinedrinker (still. I know.) is doing one thing right.

    Im a flossaholic only because of my fear of my bad genetics.


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