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100 Push Ups Week 1 Day 1 – 42 Push Ups!!!

A few days ago, I decided to join several of my fellow bloggers and attempt to do 100 Push Ups.  During my initial test, I was able to do 13 good, ‘regulation’ push ups.  Today, I officially started the program.

Here’s a chart detailing my Week 1 routine (chart comes directly from the HundredPushUps site.)

The first two sets of 10 were pretty easy, the set of 8 was more difficult, the set of 6 was excruciating, and the final set of 7 (actually 8 for me) nearly killed me.  But, I did a total of 42 push ups!!!

I’m really excited about being able to do 100 push ups – but I’m much more excited about feeling stronger.

5 thoughts on “100 Push Ups Week 1 Day 1 – 42 Push Ups!!!

  1. I feel exactly as your last sentence states.

    it’ll be cool to know I can do 100 (Im thinking positive here 🙂 I WILL DO IT!) but more will feel GOOD to have increased my strength.


  2. I started on Friday too! I did… er… 10, 10, 8, 6, 11, for a total of 45. I probably could have done more on the last set, and probably should have, but I didn’t really want to. At least I didn’t wake up sore. I’m looking forward to doing day 2 tomorrow morning!

  3. I just finished Day 2. Much harder than Day 1, especially as today, while I was walking in heels, I tripped down a set of stairs and was forced to catch my entire body weight on my arms on the banisters. I KNOW I’m going to be sore tomorrow not only from that, but from the pushups too. But I will keep on!

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