Creating A Food Budget – And It Has Nothing To Do With Money

Usually, when I talk about budgeting, I’m talking about personal finance.  But, not today.  Today, I’m talking about a budgeting the amount of food that I eat, throughout the day.

I’ve spent several days thinking about how the ‘food budget’ should work, and I think I’ve come up with a few good idea.

First, the budget should reflect desired daily caloric intake.

Second, the budget should be flexible.

Third, the budget should include a list of all of the foods that I like (with nutritional values listed).

Forth, the budget should be portable (and easy to use).

Fifth, the budget should note not only what I should eat, but when I should eat, too.

As you can see, what I’m really writing about is an ‘eating plan’ – but I like the idea of calling it my ‘food budget’.  For some reason, I like to have things written down, and I do much better when I can check off my progress, throughout the day or week.

Once I’ve settled on the exact layout of my food budget, I’ll share it with you.

Updates:  I’m still working on my push ups and my walking – and I’m still trying to eat between 1800 and 2000 calories a day.  I’ll weigh in at the end of July and we’ll see how my new ‘slow-and-steady’ approach works out.

4 thoughts on “Creating A Food Budget – And It Has Nothing To Do With Money

  1. *ah ha!* moment
    in that Id ‘gotten’ that the word DIET simply means way of eating——the budget? GREAT POST & points.

  2. I’m not sure it’s under budget or it’s healthy even but I’ve gotten used to eating convenience food more. For carbo, it would be bakeries. For protein, it would be salted pistachio/cashew nut/wasabi peas for the supermarket. For vitamins and minerals, I get it from veggies and fruits namely bananas, prunes, oranges, mangoes and jackfruit.

    Budget wise, could be cheaper than a complete meal taken outside. These convenience food could be stored and consumed anytime I like even on the go and supermarket often carry out grocery sale. The most I cook would be noodle soup with veggie and tofu.

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