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One Pound A Week – Right On Schedule

Three weeks ago, I mentioned that I was tired of dealing with the ups and downs of dieting and that I had decided to go with a steady, healthy, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month approach to weight loss.  My goal?  To lose one pound per week.  And, three weeks later, I’m down three pounds.

In the past, I’d be discouraged by the fact that I had ‘only’ lost three pounds.  But, now, I’m excited!  Why?  Because, instead of depending on some super-silly weight loss fad, I’m simply walking more, eating less, and exercising (a little).  Slow and steady might be boring, but it’s working!

I’ve been away at camp this past week.  Now that I’m home, I can refocus on my blogging – and my weight loss.  It feels good to do something ‘the right way’.  Now, I just need to remember my one pound a week plan, and refrain from starving myself.  My body needs fuel – healthy fuel – and I need to remember this.

4 thoughts on “One Pound A Week – Right On Schedule

  1. I used to work as a Health Councelor at one point in my life, and they say the best thing you can do to lose weight and make sure you dont starve yourself is eat 6 times a day. This will keep your metabolism moving, even while your sleeping.

    So its a good idea to eat breakfast snack lunch snack dinner snack. Thats what Ive been doing the last few months and I lost a lot of weight!

    While your eating better its also good to exercise, this is a HUGE differences from people that dont exercise and just think eating right and being lazy will help them lose weight lol. It doesnt work like that. Even if you do 20 min it will help u lose weight!

  2. I was wondering if the scale thing is working against you. You might be putting on muscle when you’re adding a lot of exercise in addition to losing some fat. Have you thought about investing in calipers or at least a measuring tape? 🙂

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