Forgetting Yesterday

There are basically two kinds of thoughts – those that disect the past and those that imagine the future.  I struggle to forget.  So, when I eat the wrong thing or fail to exercise, I get depressed, and when I get depressed, I simply eat more and excercise (even less)!  I’m trying to LEARN how to forget.  Does that make any sense?

Take yesterday, for example.  I ate like I a madman.  Why?  Well, if I were a psychologist – and I’m not – I’d make the obvious connection between my high level of stress (due to the fact that my daughter is in the hospital and I’m trying to care for my other kids) and my lack of time (to prepare proper meals and to exercise).  I’ve been on the road for the better part of three days, back-and-forth to the babysitter’s, doctors’ appointments, and the hospital.  So, I’ve been eating junk.

Well, today I woke up, and instead of thinking – Hey, NCN, here’s your chance to start over, with a clean slate and an empty stomach – I thought – Hey, NCN, you are an idiot, you always overeat, so why not start the day with a big bowl of ice cream?!?

Yes, that’s how my mind works.

But, I resisted the urge to eat everything in the house, and I had a sensible breakfast.  I then spent some time in prayer and I really focused on MY FUTURE.  I need (want!!!) to be healthy – and if I’m ever going to move forward, I have to stop looking in the rear-view mirror!  Sure, I want to learn life’s lessons and I want to remember ‘where I’ve come from’, but I don’t want to get stuck in the past.

So, even though it’s been a week since I hit the treadmill and my emotions tell me that all my hard-work will be for naught, I’m shutting out the negative stuff, and I’m going to go for a nice, brisk walk.  And, I’m going to drink my water.  And, I’m going to have fruit and vegetables and chicken for supper.  And, I’m not going to think about the bag of chips (okay, two bags of chips) that I ate yesterday.

I’m going to become a positive, forward thinking dude…

In fact, I’m not even going to reread this post.  If there are errors, so be it.  🙂

To the treadmill… and beyond!!!

2 thoughts on “Forgetting Yesterday

  1. I get like this a lot too. I obsess over things that I did and fail to focus on the future (not just in diet and exercise, but in life in general). I’m trying to get better about it, but sometimes it’s hard. I hope your daughter gets better, and way to keep on keeping on.

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