Making A Commitment

I hereby commit myself to daily postings here at No. Calories Needed.  For as long as the site has existed, I’ve never really given it – or my weight loss – proper respect.  But, now that school is almost back in session and our family will return to its normal schedule, I can devote more time to getting in shape – and more time to blogging about getting in shape.

I’ve also decided to use my nightly posts to plan my eating / exercise for the next day.  If I write things down, and put them on the blog, then they become ‘more real’.

Here’s my food plan for tomorrow, July 30th –

Breakfast – oatmeal and some strawberries

Snack – a few peanuts and some grapes

Lunch – grilled chicken, small potato, and some strawberries

Snack – peanut butter and an apple

Supper – grilled chicken, green beans, corn, and some grapes

There, that’s my list.  Now, all I have to do is follow my list and I’ll be fine.

Here’s my exercise plan for tomorrow, July 30 –

Morning – I’ll walk for 30 to 45 minutes

Evening – I’ll do crunches and push ups

Man, why didn’t I think about this before!  I’ve been fooling around with this site for a year and a half – and it just now dawned on me to do this.

2 thoughts on “Making A Commitment

  1. I’ve been working (as a small woman) with a few basic rules:
    1. 1 gram of protein/bodyweight in pounds every day (this is hard) – via lean protein sources (chicken, fish, eggs), milk, and protein shakes.
    2. 2 large (non-starchy) vegetable servings, one raw, one leafy green (sometimes cooked spinach in my morning omelet, sometimes raw salad).
    3. 2 fruits.
    Once I’ve eaten all this, it’s fairly late in the day and if I’m still hungry I can add non-nutritious stuff then. But it’s helping me curb my cravings to go “wait, have I had a vegetable yet today? No reason to have potato chips if I can get a salty, crunchy pickle instead”.

    So, based on my internal rules I noticed that you are probably getting less protein than I am and definitely less veg. I really find both of these help fill me up.

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