Considering A New Gym Membership

I’m thinking about joining a new gym.  My old membership expired a few months ago, and I haven’t felt like renewing it.  But, now that I’m in the mood to workout, I think I’m going to join a new place.  They have an indoor walking track and an indoor pool, for year-round swimming.  I think I’d enjoy swimming a few laps, instead of pounding away on the treadmill.

I called and asked them about the cost of a membership.  Monthly rates start at around $35, with unlimited use of the facilities.

Speaking of exercise, I think I’ll go outside later tonight and go for a walk.

2 thoughts on “Considering A New Gym Membership

  1. Might I suggest that you not wait until you ‘are in the mood’ to work out? The people who are most successful are the ones that do it ANYWAY whether they ‘feel like it’ or not.

    My favorite trick is to go early in the morning, before I fully realize what I am doing. Once I wake up enough to know where I am, I’m about halfway through my routine and I figure I just as well finish it since I’m there anyway. 🙂 Works for me, for the past year and a half – with great results.

    Also let me suggest looking into your local Parks and Recreation department. Ours costs $65.00 per YEAR, with facilities that easily rival the commercial establishments. Of course, every city is different, but check it out.

  2. Im not the one to ask…Im MONEY NO OBJECT on FEWFEW things except gym memberships/day passes when on the road for work.

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