Fitness Finds And A New Site Design

I’ve spent some time redesigning the look and feel of the site.  I wanted No. Calories Needed to look more like my main site, No Credit Needed.  I’ll be tweaking the colors a bit.  I’m thinking of making most of the red graphics green, or blue, or orange.  I’m just not sure.

I’m headed to the gym tomorrow to workout.  I’ve been so busy with work this week, I haven’t been in a few days, an I can feel it!  I’m hoping to swim a few laps and stretch out these old muscles.

Here are a few of the articles that inspired me and informed me this past week, from my fellow members of the Fitness Health Network.

Fat Man Unleashed writes about consistent weight loss.

Get Fit Slowly deals with stress after a difficult few weeks.

Journal of Healthy Living notes that Michael Phelps eats a LOT of food.

Lazy Man suggests four foods that will help your lungs.

Weight Loss Journal reminds us that it is possible to eat without feeling guilty.

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