Today Will Be A Great Day At The Gym

My daughter has gymnastics this evening and it’s my day to take her.  While she’s working on her back flips, I’ll be at the gym for an extended workout.

Her class will be in session for three hours, so I’ll have plenty of time to stretch, walk in the treadmill for thirty minutes, work chest and back, and then go for a nice swim.  (By the way – When I look at a certain Olympic swimmer, I’m not so sure we are the same species.  Humbling.)

After only a week at the new gym, I’m in love with the place.  The only downside?  It’s twenty five minutes from my house to the gym.  I can’t really justify driving that distance, unless my daughter also has to go to her gym (which is less than a mile from my gym), too.  In other words – For the most part, my schedule revolves around hers.  In a way, this actually helps, because I’m not suffering from gym-burnout.  Instead, I’m actually looking forward to going, BECAUSE I don’t have the freedom to go every day.  Strange, huh?

Final note – Very soon, there will be a cool new header here at No. Calories Needed.  Stay tuned!

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