Weekly Workout Plan

I’ve just returned home from the gym – and I feel great!  My daughter has gymnastics four days a week, and when I take her to her gym, I then go to mine.  There were only a few people in the gym (just like I like it), and I really focused on good form, breathing, and pushing myself.

I thought you might be interested in my weekly workout plan, now that I’m really getting into going to the gym.

Monday – Legs / Eliptical Machine

Tuesday – Treadmill At Home

Wednesday – Back / Biceps / Stair Machine

Thursday – Legs / Eliptical Machine

Friday – Chest / Triceps / Shoulders / Treadmill

Saturday – Treadmill At Home

Sunday – Rest

This is the first time – in my life – that I’ve had a workout routine.  Sure, I’ve gone to the gym, but this is the first time that I’ve gone to the gym with PURPOSE.  I actually look forward to going, and I’m a little bummed when I have to leave.  Heck, today, I even walked for thirty minutes, at home, on the treadmill, BEFORE I went to the gym.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Plan

  1. There’s nothing worse than going to the gym and not having a clue what you’re doing when you get there. It’s amazing how motivating a simple PLAN can be. Looks like a great plan, and GREAT job on the weight loss. Keep it up! It’s working!

  2. And don’t forget this wisdom: Eating in moderation is key. Though you should eat more often, that doesn’t mean eat more. Skip a few hundred calories from your diet each day, and the weight will come off faster. To do this: cut back on food portions, and avoid foods that are loaded with sugar and fat, especially sweets and fried foods. The best diet for losing weight will consist of lean protein, things like skinless white chicken, fish, egg whites, and protein shakes.

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