One Hundred Push Ups Update

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to give the one hundred push ups program another shot.  The way the program is designed, you do push ups three days each week, for six weeks, until you can do 100 push ups without stopping.  Each week, you do more and more push ups, gradually increasing your power and proficiency.  If you get to the end of a week, and you can’t do the suggested number of push ups, you simply repeat that week’s routine, and move to the next week when you can.

During the month of November, I stuck with the Week 1 routine.  I didn’t want the one hundred push ups program to interfere with my regular weekly workout plan, so I had to learn how to incorporate it.  Basically, I’m doing push ups as part of my chest exercise routine, and I also do them on my cardio-only days.

It’s time for me to move up to Week 2.  Here’s the routine, with my push ups listed in the third column.

Tonight, I was able to complete Day 1 of Week 2.  As an added bonus, my daughter (9) and my son (4) joined me on the floor.  My son was able to do, by his count, 34 push ups.  My daughter was able to do 24.  Hers were legit.  His?  Not so much.  🙂