Revisiting The One Hundred Push Ups Training Program

A few months ago, before I was really focused on weight loss and improving my health, I (half-hearted) attempted to do the one hundred push ups training program.  Now that I’m working out at the gym and eating healthy foods, I thought it might be time to revisit the program, and learn how to do one hundred push ups.

I’ll be doing the push ups on my cardio / leg work out days.  See my Weekly Workout Plan for complete details, but this basically means that I’ll do push ups on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  The program calls for three workouts, each week, so with four days available, I’ll have a little flexibility.

I retook the initial test, and I managed to do 14, legitimate, quality push ups.  I could have pushed for one or two more, but I didn’t want to hurt myself, especially since any push up above 10 puts me solidly in Column 3 of the programs Week 1 work out.

Week 1 Day 1

Day 1, I managed to do all 5 sets (in column 3), including a final set of 10 push ups.  When I first tried to do the program, I had little motivation.  Now, I’m really excited about getting in shape.

Side Note:  When doing the push ups, my stomach muscles (abs) seem to give out well before my arms do!  I need to do more crunches.  And, due to the fact that I’ve been doing a lot of cardio, my heart didn’t race this time, like it did before.